The Vintage Dress

The Vintage Dress

The Vintage Dress

Hello there!
Today i have a subject to rant/blog about other than my photography (Altough it is for my photography lol)

Me and some friends went to a vintage sale today called ‘Vintage per kilo’ they have a HUGE selection of vintage clothing and accessories some are tacky and some a super sweet!! like this (Wedding)dress i found today.

I have been searching for a vintage dress for a looooong time, i did come across a few sometimes but maaaaan those price tags were just too big for me, untill today!
Vintage per kilo is what it says. They do not put a price tag on each clothing item, but they sell it ‘per kilo’ 1 kilo of clothing and/or accessories will cost you 15 euro!
Right when i walked into the building i saw this dress (Down below) and it was love at first sight! and the love got even bigger when i went to the cash register and heard the price, i was stunned and so happy!

The Vintage Dress
Just for the dramatic effect i added a black&white filter to the picture, looks pretty vintage(y) to me! (but the wifi thingy on the tble is kinda a deal breaker haha!)

When i got home i wanted to try it on right away ofcourse! unfortunately the dress is a little bit small for me (This dress must have belong to a REALLY petite girl) but luckily i have some ‘sewing skills’ and i shall adjust the dress a little more to my liking and fitting 🙂
I will hopefully film the process and snap some before and after pictures, and probably also write a little blog about it! so keep tuned to what happens to this lovely vintage dress.

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